The reviews are flooding in this week…

Definitely need to rave about these…

For Beate Stindt – “it was the best physio session I’ve ever had – great comms, clear, sensible plan, and great treatment, really impressed.”

For David Donne – “I began seeing David Donne about 15 months ago with severe all over body pain following a major car crash a few years ago. I broke my back, along with a hip and all my ribs. Being able to walk was a bonus after rehab but it was extremely painful. We started with some basic sports massage which released tension through my hips and lower back and over the last year, this has allowed me to stand straighter improving my posture. During this time David has incorporated several different levels of massage therapy and I can’t tell you how much this has improved my day to day life. I have better range of movement, I feel as though I can attribute return of some sensation in my feet, which makes walking less difficult, to his treatments and I now have far far less pain. David is very conscientious and, I feel, genuinely interested in how he can help. He’s a lovely guy and I can’t imagine ever going back to any of the other “massage therapists” I tried before I found Six Physio, and David specifically”
For Sinead McKeown – “I collapsed in Euston station and met a woman who ,when I told her that I was in excruciating pain due to a pinched nerve in my neck ,told me. The only number you must remember when you get home is the number 6 ! Look them up ,you will be ok ! What golden advice ! I was fitted in for half an hour Of emergency treatment and two following appointments Quite honestly not only did I receive extraordinary relief in the hands of a highly qualified physio but she also saved my sanity !

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