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Hi, I’m Matt,

I’ve been doing this for a long time, probably the longest in London and it all started back in the 90’s in Parsons Green, where we still have a great clinic.

Our aim then and our aim now, to never, ever compromise on doing the very best for our patients

We’ve seen plenty of clinics come and go, plenty of clinics trying to reinvent themselves and plenty of clinics, well just doing a poor job.

Admittedly we’ve tried a few things along the way, but we keep circling back to doing the simple things really well without the need to do the complicated things badly.

We’ve got some great spaces, in wonderful places and the most amazing Team – trust us to get you back to where you need to be, and who knows even a little further forward!

You can contact me just here

Our Commitments

Six-ID: Inclusion and Diversity

To nurture a workforce who feel valued and able to bring their whole and authentic selves to Six, whilst offering holistic, non-judgmental healthcare to our patient groups.
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