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We focus on your rehabilitation.

If you’re an active person who participates in Sport, then Physiotherapy can be both preventative, performance enhancing and curative.

Whether you’re a fully fledged athlete or just someone who runs every now and then, any injury or strain can be a real set back. Seeing a sports physio can be a great way to help you stay active for longer and achieve your sporting goals, whatever they might be.Why see a Sports Physio?

Stress on muscles, joints and bones as a result of playing sport is really common, with some having injuries and pains unique to the individual sport. If you’re a serious athlete, visiting a sports physiotherapist as part of your regime will enable you to put in your best performance and continue to compete at your dream level!

If you’re a recreational sports person and like to compete with yourself in the gym or when out running, sports physiotherapy can be a great way to enhance your performance and maybe even more importantly, keep you motivated. As one gets older, staying active is crucial, so seeing a sports physio can be invaluable in keeping you moving – for fitness, strength, balance, coordination.Do I have to have a sports injury?

It’s a common misconception that in order to see a sports physio, you have to have a sports injury. Whilst sports physiotherapy is perfect for easing injury and helping athletes bounce back after hurting themselves, sports physio can be preventative too.

Our sports physiotherapists look after everyone from those who are dealing with serious pain after an injury to people who just want to have a manual session to relieve tight muscles and reduce the risk of future injury. So no, you don’t have to have a sports injury to benefit from sports physiotherapy services!

Moreover, many people don’t realise that Sports injuries can be either new and acute, or chronic and ongoing.

Sports niggles include such injuries as tennis elbow or even lower back pain that simply refuse to go away. Whether you’re a keen runner, cyclist, skier or swimmer your sports physio can get you back in the game or better still prevent you from having to take time out in the first place!

Our Sports Physiotherapists

The majority of our physios are active themselves, participating in one sport or another at various levels. As a result, they love helping anyone and everyone achieve their sporting goals.

Our Six Physio team have been involved in keeping players in World Cup Finals to Olympics Golds, Wimbledon Finals and Ultramans.

We focus on your rehabilitation: from the first tentative steps post-op to the final stage required for your sport. We’ll help coach, coax and coerce your recovery. Our close links with sports medics and surgeons ensure we can realise your full potential.

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