Machine-based Pilates, tailored to you.

In the 90’s we were the first private clinic in the capital to embrace Physio-led Pilates.

What is Six Pilates?

Injuries happen when a person performs an activity without the required control or capacity. That’s why Physios love Pilates, because people can continue to exercise but under controlled conditions which poses far less risk for injury. Movements can be slowed down and corrected, normalising movement patterns, reducing pain and stress to the body.  Our team will guide you back to full function, getting you back to doing what you love.

  • At Six Physio we merge classic and contemporary Pilates in our fully equipped Pilates studios, using the reformer, Cadillac and Wunda chair.
  • All Pilates is Physio-led, whether a 1:1 session or 3:1 class.
  • Exercise programmes are bespoke, so you can achieve your individual goals.
  • We aim to improve your mobility, strength, balance and coordination through machine-based exercise.

Who benefits from Pilates?

The simple answer, everyone!

  • all ages
  • all abilities
  • whether carrying an injury or injury-free
  • whether pregnant or postnatal

An Initial 1:1 assessment is essential for those who haven’t had a physio appt with us, so we can assess you and create your bespoke Pilates programme

Why choose Pilates at Six Physio?

  • Each exercise is bespoke to you, so you can work on your personal goals.
  • Physiotherapy guided routines make it a great transition from injury or an informed way to prevent future injuries.
  • We keep records of your exercises to ensure we adjust your programme from week to week, whether attending a 3:1 class or a 1:1 session.

When are classes available:

We offer Pilates classes across the week from our 9 Pilates studios

  • Our City clinics have both 1 hour and 45min classes: the latter are specifically designed to fit into your lunch hour.
  • Our more residential London clinics offer 1 hour Pilates classes 6 days a week
  • Machine-based and mat classes are available Mon to Sat at our Lindfield clinic

Looking after our patients is paramount, so we offer a limited number of Virtual Pilates classes for those who would rather not come into clinic, these are obviously mat-based so you can follow at home.

How do I book?

  • Call us on 020 7036 0286 if you’d like to book your Initial 1:1.
  • All classes can be viewed & booked on our Clinic web pages.
  • All Pilates can be paid for as individual sessions/classes or booklets are available at 10% off. Click here to see all prices.
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