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About Us

Don't Treat, Cure

Physiotherapy in London since 1996

The C word

It’s funny as over the past few decades this has been a contentious word amongst our friends & colleagues, but yet it’s what every patient wants, to be cured. It’s what we strive to achieve and even if it’s physically impossible to attain we’ll do our absolute best to get as close as humanly possible to help you.

Being good at what we do is ingrained into our DNA – it’s our North Star. The 7300+ testimonials from our wonderful patients, more than any other Physio clinic in the UK, reflect that.

We will find and treat the root cause of your problem, we won’t just wobble you around to make you feel better. Rehabilitation is essential to allow you to return to full function and leave you happily understanding your symptoms long after seeing us.

What we offer

Our Services


So much more than just lying on a mat. This is full, kit based and Physio taught. 1:1 and small classes of 3. Control, stability, endurance and strength. 


Pelvic Health

Pelvic floor muscles are an important group of muscles that provide cradle like support for the pelvic organs, as well as giving you control when you urinate. Keeping these muscles strong is essential for both men and women: a great way to learn more is by having pelvic floor physiotherapy sessions.

Patient attending a Women's Health Physiotherapy appointment for a condition such as endometriosis

Hand Clinic

When your hand is injured the chances are you are limited in everything you want to do. Hands are special, we take them totally for granted as power tools, communication aids, work or hobby equipment and expect them to be there whenever we need them 


Home Physio

Physiotherapy in the convenience of your own home, place of work or we can visit you in your Care Home.

Home Physio


A tight muscle, a niggle or you just need pure and simple relaxation, sports/remedial massages are for all.

Pregnancy massages will relieve muscular tension as your baby grows.

Massage 60 Min V2

Meet The Team

The Guru

Here to answer all your musculoskeletal aches and pains and bumps and bruises…

Physiotherapy Videos

Over the years we’ve put together a huge selection of videos… from Exercises for Common Injuries, Pregnancy & Postnatal, a full range of exercises if you’re suffering from Back Pain, plus specialist videos for Runners & Cyclists. We’ve got you covered!