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Physiotherapy in the convenience of your own home, place of work or we can visit you in your Care Home.

We are delighted to welcome Brigid Duffy & Julia Parish from Chelsea Home Physio to our Six Physio team.

CHP LogoFounded in 2012, their mission has always been to provide continuity of high-quality physiotherapy to patients leaving hospital post-surgery or after a period of illness, ensuring a smooth transition of rehabilitation. Everyone should feel valued and be empowered to achieve their best in the secure and familiar surroundings of their own home and their community.

Joining forces with their team of 11 skilled therapists enables Six Physio to offer exceptional physiotherapy and customer care to a wider group, including neurological, respiratory, elderly and orthopaedic rehab patients.

How does Home Physio work?

Our primary purpose is to give you the best opportunity to make a full recovery. No matter how mild or complex your needs, you will have a thorough assessment at home and your Physio will create a tailor-made programme for you: taking into consideration your condition, environment, resources, and all aspects of your life.

Weekday, evening and weekend appointments are available.

Experts in:

Post surgery rehabilitation

Recovery after surgery can be both challenging and daunting when you return home. We work diligently at maintaining links with consultants and hospital therapy/ discharge teams so that we have all the information we need to continue your recovery journey safely at home.

  • Your physiotherapist will carry out a thorough assessment to understand your physical problems and limitations. Together, you will establish personal goals and put a treatment plan in place that is personalised and tailored to your specific needs.
  • If your surgery is orthopaedic, your physiotherapist will advise and help to manage swelling, provide appropriate exercises to increase range of movement and muscle strength, and teach you how to progress with walking, walking aids, going up and down stairs, and outdoor mobility.
  • If your surgery is general, your physiotherapist will provide you with appropriate exercises and advise to help improve your confidence. Your physio will advise and practice with you how best to complete daily tasks such as getting in and out of bed by yourself, walking safely with / without an aid in your home, managing the stairs, walking outside, and getting in and out of your car.

Neurological rehabilitation

The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The most common neurological disorders are Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis to name a few. These conditions can cause problems in movement, balance, swallowing, talking, and even breathing. Sometimes it causes disturbances in sensation/touch, mood, and memory loss.

  • Neurological physiotherapists are specifically trained in treating people with neurological disorders.
  • Our team will help you re-learn movement patterns, helping you return to the activities of daily living you were able to do before, improving your quality of life.
  • Often occupational therapy and speech and language therapy is needed in addition to physiotherapy, which we can arrange.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy (sometimes called “chest physiotherapy”) is a specialist area of physiotherapy that focuses on conditions related to your breathing and your lungs.

Assessment, treatment and management of these conditions are key to optimising your overall health. If you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, a wheeze, cough, or difficulty clearing phlegym, a specialist physiotherapist can assess you and provide you with a bespoke pulmonary rehabilitation programme as well as advice on lifestyle/ energy conservation so that you can optimise your quality of life.

Respiratory conditions we can treat are:

  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Chest Infection / Pneumonia
  • Post Covid
  • Deconditioning related to Complex Medical conditions

Aged care physiotherapy

The aging process is part of all our lives, where our bodies go through changes to muscle strength, bone density, posture and balance. These changes can impact our lives in a negative way:

  • Mobility and balance problems
  • General weakness leading to the possibility of a fall
  • Aches and pains that are affecting quality of life

Research shows early physiotherapy intervention can significantly improve confidence & enable an older person to retain a level of independence.

  • During your initial assessment we will focus on your medical history, home and community surroundings, and your support network of family/carers.
  • We will provide advice, education and exercise programmes to all those involved so that you are fully supported in reaching your maximum potential.

Care home visits

We are proud to work with some of the best residential care homes in London.

  • Our role is to ensure that care home residents get support after a fall or during sickness so that they stay healthy and out of hospital, or by helping them get admitted to hospital at the right time and help coordinate their discharge out of hospital and back to their care home.
  • By working closely with managers, nurses and carers, we are able to help provide excellent quality of care by taking into account the mobility needs of their residents.
  • Our specialist physios will review a number of things including; seating and wheel chair improvements, hoist and sling advice, splinting and posture management, advice and training to staff and provide regular exercise and mobility practice for their residents.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) specialist services

This covers everything from aches, pains, stiffness and/or weakness in our muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Injuries can be caused by playing sport, recreational activities, repetitive work-related movements or when doing a simple task. If you’re in debilitating pain and cannot get to a clinic then contact us now.

The following injuries are typical of what an MSK Physiotherapist can help you with:

  • Back pain / Sciatica / Slipped Disc
  • Shoulder pain / rotator cuff injury / Frozen Shoulder
  • Knee problems – meniscal tear / ligament injury
  • Arthritis – Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Foot and ankle injuries – sprain/ stress fracture/ Achilles Tendon problems

Plus if you’re unable to visit Clinic and you’d like to see one of our Pelvic Health or Hand Specialists, they can come to you at home too! (fees vary)

Home Physio Fees

  • Initial assessments
    • MSK and Aged care – £110 for 45mins
    • Complex care, Neurological and Respiratory – £120 for 60mins
  • Follow-up appointments
    • £100 for 45mins
    • £130 for 60mins

Please enquire with the team about our weekend rates.

Where do I need to live?

Treatments are available in your home, workplace or care home for those living in Central, South West and West London.

Our team of Specialist community physios have 100+ years of experience treating a range of conditions, including neurological, respiratory, elderly and orthopaedic rehab. Their reputation across London is due to their passion and dedication to ensure everyone is treated as an individual, tailoring a programme to achieve ones’ own goals.

Contact us.

Speak to one of our team today: call 020 3946 9464

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