Adapting to the Coronavirus

The world as we know it has changed beyond belief in the last 2 weeks…

On Tuesday 17th March we made the call to set up Virtual appointments at Six Physio, to test the water for those who may prefer not to come into Clinic. As the Coronavirus cases started to escalate throughout the week, what became an idea was now a reality that we realised would be our only lifeline sooner or later. It was a rather busy week behind the scenes: setting up the technology, working through this new idea with clinicians, setting up gyms and offices at home but most importantly speaking to patients to explain our new way of treating and how it would keep them on track through these unprecedented times.

Later that week we knew the time had come to close our Clinics: it was the right decision, to do our bit to prevent the spread of infection. Not only had the social distancing government guidelines became more stringent, we knew it was morally the right thing to do. But we were ready….

So on Monday 23rd March we became Six Physio Virtual!

In our first week we saw over 600 patients and the feedback was awesome:

“Very slick and smooth transfer from studio to virtual. Well done all of you.”
“Very good experience. All worked very well. Glad to see that Six was one of the first to introduce virtual consultations and Pilates classes!”
“Definitely better than not having any consultation at all, and was very reassuring to be able to reach someone, and not be completely isolated and left to self diagnose via google.”

We’ve all been keeping in touch: catch-ups over various mediums have become essential… for sanity and also helping each other with any clinical queries with regards this new virtual life we are living in. Our team Pilates sessions over Zoom have been great – we can chat, exercise and see each other’s faces! We don’t want to forget what each other look like… 🙂

We’ve also been doing our bit to help those stuck at home: we kick-started with some excellent videos for the more elderly or less able-bodied:
“I am finding the six physio videos really helpful and have managed every day so far… thanks for the link.”

Then this week our videos are all about #wfh – with lock-down in full swing and reality having now struck, we need to make sure we don’t get lower back pain from sitting at the dining room table, or become lazy and not make the most out of our once a day’s exercise.

At the other end of the scale, Neil Gallagher has written an article for those of you who’ve had an event cancelled. In 220 Triathlon he tells you to be optimistic: when the race season does restart you’ll be stronger, faster and happier than ever.

Tomorrow we move into April, many have been furloughed, the routine of home-schooling is now the norm, too much wine has been consumed, we are fully operational with both Physio & Pilates online, so our message to you…

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay active

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