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Standing all day, long flights, pregnancy, varicose veins, injury, and exercise recovery – all of these can cause swollen, painful legs and raise the risk of venous disease; problems that can be prevented and treated with medical compression stockings. Just one problem: They typically like something your grandma would wear.

This is where VR Compression can help. VR was developed by Compression Advisory, a team of medical and manufacturing experts who’ve taken the medical technology standards
and with huge amounts of research and feedback have created an extensive range of compression legwear that is comfortable, stylish, functional and seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

VR offers a range that rivals the top sport and fashion house designs when it comes to quality, design, and comfort with the added advantage of medical-grade compression. In addition to relieving symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, heaviness, and fatigue, VR products can also be enjoyed for slimming and shaping benefits. The line comes in a slew of colours and patterns so you can enjoy all the benefits of compression without sacrificing your personal style.

Compression Advisory have ensured that the VR range matches (or betters) medical standards for manufacturing and sizing. These are not off the shelf socks in S/M/L or that you buy based on shoe size. They are custom fit to you based on your measurements and your individual lifestyle so that you can ensure you get the maximum benefit from your socks.

Through our partnership with Six Physio, you will be able to see product samples, chat to your therapist who will have tried and tested VR themselves and receive help in taking your measurements. On top of this, your therapist will give you a code to receive 15% off your purchase at (Orders can also be placed over the phone on 0207 326 0900 where there is a medical team available to answer any questions)

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