The MUTU System explained

The Benefits of MUTU System alongside hands-on postnatal physio care.

If you’ve got a newborn baby or a toddler clinging to your leg, we’re pretty sure that going to the gym isn’t going to be a priority or possibility, right now. There’s also a good chance it might not be the right option for you if you are dealing with any pelvic floor or core health issues. 

You may have been the safe hands of a women’s health physiotherapist for a few weeks or even months now. If you’re at the end of your journey, you might be wondering what’s next after your physio ends.

If you’ve ever birthed a baby, no matter how they entered the world, we highly recommend seeing a women’s health physiotherapist, in the early weeks post-birth, for a postnatal check. But what can you do alongside this at home? And what is the next best step after receiving care? 

MUTU System can help you to focus on strengthening your core and pelvic floor, to continue to help with your diastasis recti or pelvic floor rehab. The programme can also help you to slowly progress back into more intensive exercise with minimal space, equipment and time. Who knew you could achieve so much without even having to leave the house!

We’d love to accompany you on your journey, providing you with safe, effective, physio-recommended exercises and workouts, that you can do from the privacy and comfort of home. Homework that you can do in between appointments, or to help you get to the next level once you finish your physio care. 

Here’s how doing MUTU System at home can complement your hands-on physio care.

It’s safe, effective and medically-approved and recommended.

If you’re a mum wanting to get back into exercise, it can be overwhelming and confusing when looking for the safest and most appropriate exercise after having a baby. MUTU System is recommended by women’s health physiotherapists, doctors, and midwives. The exercises are gentle and designed specifically for mums, especially if you are dealing with diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues. Because our exercises are physio-recommended, they make the perfect complement to the rehab work you’ll be doing during your appointments. 

There are specific modifications for postnatal related conditions.

As well as being specifically designed for diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction, the programme includes modifications for other typical postnatal related conditions, such as pelvic organ prolapse and hernia. This ensures that you know you’re getting right and modifying your personal journey. 

Exercises can be done from the privacy of your home. 

You can do the exercises anywhere. Most importantly, in private and at home. There are no strict schedules or time constraints. We encourage you to take your time and work through the programme at your own pace. If you’re still receiving care from your physio, you can show them your progress from your mobile phone each time you attend your appointments. 

It’s simple and easy to follow.

The exercises are simple to follow and easy to perform at home.  If you’re stuck on what comes next, how to bridge the gap between physio and the exercise you love, MUTU System is a great place to start. 

We offer continued support and lifetime access.

If you’ve been signed off from your physio and no longer have that ongoing support, our MUTU Pros and MUTU Connect community can offer advice, expertise, and encouragement at this next stage of your journey. 

Minimal time and equipment required.

Workouts start from just 12 minutes a day, and you need very little equipment to get started. Simple. 

Want to find out more about what the MUTU System programme looks like? Check out this video. 


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