What the beauty gurus buy

From a £7 moisturising mist to the ultimate nail file, the beauty industry’s most powerful women reveal how they look this good Daily Mail 20th Feb ’19 by Claire Coleman

Jo Malone has our very own Sarah Bentley on speed dial!

Claire Coleman asked eleven women at the top of the beauty industry for advice
Tricia Cusden says she can’t live without her hairstylist at Charles Worthington
The founder of Look Fabulous Forever swears by brand’s LFF Skincare System
Thea Green revealed she has The Light Salon at Harvey Nichols on speed dial
The founder of Nails Inc says she can’t live without Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
Jo Malone revealed she can’t live without getting her eyebrows threaded

Jo Malone CBE… Fragrance expert and founder of Jo Loves (joloves.com) Can’t live without: Getting my eyebrows threaded and dyed every month at KX Spa in Chelsea, London (kxlife.co.uk/spa, tint and thread from £50).

Brilliant bargain: Flexitol Heel Balm (£4.99, superdrug.com). After I had chemo, the skin on my feet was sore and cracked and I found this was brilliant. Once a week, I slather it on, put my feet in a ziplock bag and wrap a hot towel around them. Little luxury: A gloss hair treatment at Josh Wood (from £55, joshwoodcolour.com). I go before an event when my hair is a bit lacklustre. It gives it a glossy shine and body that I love. On speed dial: Weekly Pilates with Sarah Bentley (sixphysio.com). When I haven’t done it for a while, I feel the difference. My face, skin and eyes don’t look as healthy. For me, exercise is part of my beauty regimen.

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