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When asked to share our expertise… we always say yes!

Over the years the most common requests have been for Women’s Health advice and Sporting injuries.

In recent months our Women’s Health team have written for:

Sheerluxe – Power up your Pelvic Floor, with some specific references to ladies in their 50s & 60s who are post menopause.
Pachamama London – A Q&A with Jenny Constable – What to expect from a Postnatal Body Check and what are the most common misconceptions.

When it comes to Sporting injuries and questions, every single one of our physios has the ability to offer advice, thanks to:

Sarah Green for her article on Restless Leg Syndrome
Eddie Smith shares all there is to know about Your Core for 220 Triathlon
Looking after your Traps! was specifically written by Rachel McCulloch for 220 Triathlon, but is relevant to all of us!
Muscle imbalance: What is it and why it’s important is an article written by Caoimhe McNamara
Why do joints click? Caoimhe McNamara says it’s perfectly normal as long as it’s pain free!

This is a great article for runners, written by Sarah Green, puts pay to some myths too!
Why are strong abs important for running and how do they help you run faster?

For more injure advice, check our our Guru pages and our YouTube channel – both of which offer a wealth of information for most aches and pains!

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