Running Rehab: The benefits of tailored Pilates @womensrunninguk

Jennifer Bozon attended some Pilates classes with Richard Gonsalves Running Rehab… for Women’s Running Feb 16

Working in an office full of runners, there’s almost always someone complaining about an injury. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t one of those whining culprits. For me., it’s shin splints. After a frustrating summer trying to get
to the bottom or the problem. I was very excited to hear how Six Pilates – a new physio-led Pilates class.

Before the class, all patients attend an initial assessment and introductory session with one of its Physiotherapists to establish the problem areas and work out their specific body and conditioning needs. After chatting with Physiotherapist Richard Gonsalves and explaining my failed attempt to get to grips with wearing corrective running shoes, he told me that while this could be a successful solution, Pilates would better help me to get to the route of the problem, helping me to strengthen my core, which would allow me to change my running technique.

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