Are you pedalling towards a spinjury?

These classes are gaining popularity but few realise there can be health hazards ahead
Sarah Bentley explains to The Mail Online how poor bike set up can cause knee and back pain. 12th June ’19

With SoulCycle opening its first UK studio in London’s Soho — this is a clear sign that the cult of spinning isn’t waning any time soon – they offer more than just an exercise, it’s a ‘philosophy’.

The spinning phenomenon is easily understood: the energy, the music, the ability to burn 500-700 calories in just 45 mins.

However, from a Physiotherapist’s point of view, Sarah explains:

‘At Six we see so many ‘spinjuries’ caused by poor cycling techniques and wrongly positioned saddles and handlebars.’

‘A poor bike set-up or incorrect technique can cause knee pain if the saddle is too low, or lower back pain if the handlebars are too far away and you’re slumping.’

‘You can also get numbness or tingling in your feet from having your shoes done up too tightly and even hyperextension in the neck from pushing your head forwards while looking up at the instructor, so we now offer biomechanical assessments and personalised advice about setting up your bike to fit you.’

That’s not to say she’s anti-spin, however. ‘It’s great cardiovascular exercise, as long as you’re combining it with other workouts for your core and all-round strength.’

Read the full Daily Mail article here

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