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There are bike assessments and there are bike assessments...

The key to a successful bike assessment is to assess you, the rider, both on and off the bike.

If your bike is not fitted to you, you’re far more likely to develop problems later. If you cycle to work and wonder why your back, neck or knees hurt it maybe because of something simple like distance from your seat to handle bars. It may not be, but we can have a look at you and tell you why.

Your assessment will include:

  • a musculoskeletal assessment
  • video-motion analysis on the turbo trainer
  • a bespoke rehabilitation programme

The end result: your bike set up for you

We run this Specialist bike service from our Chelsea Clinic, where Tobina has years of experience as both a Physio & a Cyclist.

For more information read below or give Chelsea a call on 020 7036 0280.

There are 2 elements to a successful bike assessment – the rider & the bike.

First up – we need to know about you

  • your cycling background
  • what equipment you use
  • your cycling goals
  • any current injuries

There are 3 core principles. which vary depending on your cycling discipline, Your fit will lean towards a setup which is based on one of these principles:

  • Power
  • Comfort
  • Aerodynamics

Next up – your body

Unlike other bike fits we assess the rider – we frequently find the source of an injury stems from your body, so we focus on rider-specific regions. Our assessment includes:

  • a physiotherapy biomechanical screening to find any asymmetries and areas of weakness
  • a screening process where we look at joint flexibility, functional testing and stability

The data collected gives us a profile of you, the athlete, highlighting areas of potential weakness and instability that may be a source of dysfunction leading to pain and potential injury or an ineffective cycling style which leads to reduced performance.

Followed by – you on your bike

In order to gain vital information about your bike set up, your specialist bike physio needs to look at you on your bike. We will video you cycling on the Turbo trainer from various angles and use a software application to give us the stats! This tells us all we need to know:

  • How do you, the rider, interact with your bike
  • Optimum angles and measurements for your discipline of cycling

Finally – the Physio bit

A bespoke rehabilitation program, established from the Musculoskeletal Assessment, will be tailored to focus on your deficits and your cycling specialist will issue you with a progressive exercise regime. We can supply you with:

  • Wattbike programs
  • strength and conditioning programs
  • pre-habilitation programs to work on improving your climbing, sprinting or endurance

If you have any uncertainties at all then email us now to book your 90 minute assessment.

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