Medial ankle pain

May 20, 2020

Hi there. I’m looking for some advice on medial ankle pain/discomfort.

It started last Wednesday, initially as stiffness in both medial ankles. I often get this if I’ve done a lot of walking/running/activity, but have never thought anything of it. However, when I looked what it could be – Post Tibial Tendonitis came up, and painful foot eversion was one of my symptoms. This didn’t last long, and never does when I have it – a day at most.

I ran 5k Weds evening, cycled Thurs and Friday evening. Last week I increased my distance quite considerably (I won a family challenge!) from the previous weeks, so I suspect it’s an overuse injury, but I don’t know what of.

I was crouched down on Friday after cycling and I had a sharp pain in my right ankle into my foot arch. After that, the pain was bad on Saturday and I couldn’t walk normally, but Sunday was much better after some P.R.I.C.E. I was able to walk normally again on Monday with no pain/discomfort and I have continued PRICE treatment, as well as doing calf stretching/foam roller/trigger ball/theragun massage of my lower legs.

The pain is no longer there, however, there is some discomfort still around my medial ankle area, around the medial malleous.

It seems most aggravated/tight around my ankle/arch when my knee is bent, foot is flat on the floor and in dorsiflexion.

Do you know what could be the problem or what I’ve aggravated?

Thanks in advance for your help

May 20, 2020

Hi Kiel

Sounds like an issue with tib post rather than your deltoid ligament that sits on the inside of your ankle – and your overuse story rings true.

You can check the length of TP and then make a call to see if it’s the right structure. Face the wall, hands on it at shoulder height then pull your ankle up (into dorsiflexion) and put it against the wall. Try and get your toes as high as possible so most of the movement has been taken out of your ankle. Now bend your knee to that wall – don’t let it roll in and try to keep your foot up. It’ll either be tight (compared to the other side) or painful.

If it’s this then you’ll need to introduce some stability and strength work.

Let me know what gives.

The Guru

Guru Responded
May 20, 2020

Hi Guru,

Thanks for this.

This does cause some discomfort and is tighter on one side than the other..

Is there any particular stability and strengthening exercises you’d recommend?

Also, how soon do you think I’d be able to resume cycling or running?

Many thanks,


May 21, 2020

Try these exercises:


Give it at least another 5 days and then back into recovery mode.

Try running for 1 minute then walk for 30 seconds. Repeat x10. If it hurts, stop and if it’s OK in the morning then repeat. Try this 3 times (every other dayish) then add 50% to either time or reps and if all OK then slowly increase.

The Guru

guru-profile Guru Responded

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