Running with club foot

January 8, 2019

Hi there,

I was born with a club foot on my left foot. I have had a number of corrective surgeries to straighten the foot. I am very lucky that (aged 29) it has caused me relatively no bother. My feet are very different sized (size 1 and size 4), but I have learnt to walk wearing size 4 shoes. I get some pain after running due to lack of mobility in my left foot so I wanted to speak to someone for some advice and support on how to manage this throughout my training.

I hope you can help!

Many thanks,


January 8, 2019

Hi Olivia

I always try to establish why rather than where it hurts – and whilst it sounds odd it most likely the pain is not coming from the lack of mobility but instead from areas that you are forcing to overcompensate and over stretch, due to that stiffness.

You need to get your entire lower limb working well to allow the “relatively” stiff foot to be fully compensated for in the leg.

Make things simple with your training (I’m not sure what for) by not doing too much too soon and making sure you do work on hip flexibility and calf/glute strength, stability and endurance – good rehab is key.

What’s your single balance and single knee squat like?

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