Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis

January 12, 2014

Mike asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:


I visited a physio around 5 months ago and was diagnosed that I had damaged my Tibialis anterior tendon. I was given stretches which I have been doing for the past few months but still have these pains in my foot, even during walking. They are not severe, but a sore feeling. I am not undertaking any running, football (and have not been doing for past 8 months, from when injury first occurred). I have started swimming.

Is it the case of carrying on stretching out my calf muscles and taking ibuprofen until the pain goes away? Or do I need to be doing something else now? Would another assessment be advised?



January 12, 2014

Hi Mike

Not sure that stretching on its own, is ever the way forward. You may well have a dodgy tib ant BUT until you know why you’ve got one, it’ll most likely stay like this for the long term.

Every muscle has an equal and opposite. If one muscle is tight, then by definition you must have the opposing muscle being longer and not doing very much – this is what needs to be identified. Probable factors are poor pelvic control, tight anterior hip structures and uncontrolled foot mechanics…..lots of lack of control, somewhere.

Quickest way of getting from A to B or in your case from not being great to great is seeing a Physio who can identify the cause, tell you why and help show you what needs to be done.

Go easy on the Ibuprofen – it’s not designed for long term use.

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