Asim has a lateral pelvic tilt affecting his body

November 11, 2016

Hi , I believe I have a lateral tilt to my pelvic.

It has caused all sorts of problems in my body. When I squeeze my glutes my whole body shifts to left, also right pelvic bone sits higher than left.

I’ve strengthen glutes and core, stretched left IT band, hamstring and adductors, this has made no difference.

I believe the left hip external rotators muscles are still really tight. Is there anything you guys can do to help with this condition?

Many thanks


November 11, 2016

Hi Asim

You may well have – and it may well contribute to you symptoms.

But I’m not sure you just wake up with a lateral pelvic tilt. It must happen because of something, and if it hasn’t then it might be coincidental.

Sounds like you’ve done some good strength and stretch work, but as history has shown as without stability or control then strength or stretching do very, very little in the long term – and this is where your problem may lie.

You’d need to establish if your ER are tight (as in dysfunctional and need to be stretched) or stiff (they are protective and shouldn’t be stretched). They both look and feel exactly the same – I think they’re going to be stiff and protective. This is where we go to work.

We’d want to know why and where you need to apply stability, control and endurance. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t get you stretching or strengthening anything!

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