Rach has one glute weaker than the other

September 13, 2017

If the right glute is tightening up more and painful does it mean this side is weaker or that the left side is weaker and the right side is overworked?

When I look in the mirror my right and left side also look different in the torso like one side of the waist/hip ratio is higher.

What could this be and can exercises fix it?

September 13, 2017

Hi Rach
What commonly occurs is that right glut is becoming protectively stiffer because of something else.

This may be due to poor pelvic control and poor gluteal stability (NOT strength) and the muscle is stiffening up to protect the joint.

Or you might have a really irritated sciatic nerve and the muscle stiffens up to protect it (like a roof!) and this would have implications with your back.

You need to do a single knee squat – left and right and see what gives. Have a look at this video from 40 seconds

That will tell you about your control, or lack of – where it’s driven from (and I’m going for your back!) is the next question. Just blasting your glut control and stability without knowing why won’t solve your issue, but at least you’re in the right ball park.

Either way no stretching, no poking, no rolling…well you can do it just won’t make much medium term difference.

Rach appreciates the Guru’s response:

Thanks Guru. I think I might be overworking my psoas too. So if one side is weaker/ less stable, should I try to do more reps on the weaker side? My tva seems to be in reasonable shape for core stability but I think maybe my glutes aren’t firing up equally and that there’s a lateral imbalance – would this weaker glute explain why the hip looks higher on one side? I notice if I do a one legged bridge that one side feels more stable….

The Guru replies:

Yes – seems very reasonable. Don’t just go for getting stronger, your weakness isn’t the issue. It’s the lack of control (of strength) that is.

I think I’d apply the same reasoning to your psoas – you don’t just wake up with over working, it has to happen because of something, probably tied up with lumbar and glut control issues.
Good luck!

Guru Responded

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