Clicking knee post trauma

June 24, 2018


My left knee has had a bit of trauma – I’ve dislocated the knee cap three times, had unsuccessful keyhole surgery to try to tighten the very lax ACL, and I also got hit with a car with the primary trauma to my knee, as luck would have it. It’s much better now through oly lifting with a Six3Nine trainer, but it does now click and crunch when I walk up stairs and sometimes when squatting. It’s not that painful (not at all painful on stairs) but I’d like to address it. I’m worried it’s an imbalance.

What is the most suitable of the services you offer which might resolve this? Is there anything I should be doing with my trainer / alone in the meantime to help resolve this?


June 24, 2018

Hi Anita

You sound very left sided and if recent research is to go by you’ve got a much greater change of injuring that side again compared to the right and so extra focus is needed on things like your glutes, balance and control – and it sounds like your PT is doing a great job. Good rehab, as always is absolutely key

The noise that your knee makes, however is the least of your worries, despite what it sounds like and what you think might be occurring to make those noises!!

Clicking, clunking or graunching without pain (and swelling etc) is nothing to worry about. Honestly. I see lots of patients who are deeply concerned about the noise and what they need to do to get rid of it. The noise doesn’t actually come from the joints crashing into each other, but it’s bubbles of gas in the joint fluid that pop and cause the acoustic.

If your knee is painful when it clicks then that’s something different – and with you it sounds like you can have pain without the click (squat) and that’s control related.

I’d just crack on with what your doing with the knowledge that there’s no harm or damage occurring.

Do have a look here

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