Jean asks the Guru for advice: her recovery post a patellofemoral knee replacement is slow

December 17, 2014

I have had 12 sessions of physio since I had this procedure.

The therapist has worked on my flexion which is now at 50 degrees.

I am having problems going up and down stairs as I have no muscle definition.  I have being doing the VMO exercises  and everything else the therapists suggests.

I have attended  6 Physio Harley St Clinic last year  nd know they have a fantastic range of equipment and I wondered if I would gain anything from going again.

I am desperate  to get my knee bending again.

My Surgeon says continue with physio, but I’ve  not attempted stairs yet I just concerned progress is slow and perhaps a different approach might help as it is  still really stiff.  I also had to go back into surgery  after 4 days because of fear of infection post op but all was ok and then I suffered a pulmonary embolism 7 weeks ago.

It was not a TKR

I’m meant to be going back to work  at end January and I am very worried I  won’t be fit enough.


December 17, 2014

I’ve had a read through your notes – and so at least know what you were like pre op.

Ideally you need to have 90 degrees to keep functional.

You’re currently 3 months post op and if only your patella was replaced then your on the edge of acceptability, as in a little slow: Tricky – with any joint or part of joint that has been replaced, and is slow to recover, plotting it’s progression is well, tricky!

I’m not sure there are any magic rehab strategies that can be implemented without actually knowing what you’re doing, suffice to say that the more you concentrate on getting your knee to bend, the better.

I think I’m in agreement with your surgeon. You had a rough start post op and so all the “normal” timescales go out the window.

Set a goal for what you’d like to be realistically doing this time next month and see how it goes. On track, great but off track, I’d go back to your OS.

Good luck

The Guru

Jean replied:

I know they have stair blocks Pilates machines other equipment at Harley street, I thought may be changing the approach might help speed things up

The Guru responded:

Hi Jean

There is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t come back in and try a different approach

Guru Responded

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