Knee pain could be ITB

November 6, 2017


I’ve never had any sports injuries before and regularly run, cycle and swim. I went for a run after a two week holiday and my left knee immediately started hurting to the point where I had to stop running.  It was pretty sore the next day, particularly whilst walking down stairs.

Since then I have swam and cycled with no issue.  I tried running again this morning and the pain immediately started again.  I wonder whether it could be something to do with my ITB (albeit that the acute pain is in my knee). I am meant to be running a half marathon very soon but at the moment can’t even run 1m!

What can I do?  Seems strange that it only hurts whilst running and is fine at all other times!

Thank you


November 6, 2017

Hi Ellie

I take it that the pain is on the outside of your knee, and not the inside.

If so then yes, it’s probably very much related to your ITB.

Running is the issue because when you hit the ground, your thigh rolls in as your knee bends – this puts immense pressure on your ITB as the rolling in bit means that it flicks over a  (normal) raised bit of bone on the outside of your thigh. This is because of 1 of 2 things.

1 – you need to get better control of your glutes, and stop this excessive rolling in.

Or, 2 – you’ve overdone your run on hols as the terrain (hills) or your speed was different. If this is probable then a few more days rest with some foam rolling may help.

If not then you need to ice, foam roll and really ramp up your glute program really concentrating on form. Getting a burn in your butt and nothing in your knee.

This video is perfect for you 

You’ll need to get the load right – not too much or too little and do them little and often.
If all fails you can have it jabbed for pain relief.

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