Lateral knee pain

April 16, 2019

Hi there,

My ITB band has been really tight and painful and the pain resonates on my lateral knee. I exercise regularly about 4 times a week sometimes more, mostly Barrys bootcamp and yoga. I have not stopped exercising, the pain goes away during the workout but returns after. I am not sure whether I should come in for a physio session or a sports massage?



April 16, 2019

Hi Amina

We love Barrys!

Definitely have a look here



SM is great for dealing with the immediate symptoms, as is hands on Physio but I think you need to look a little longer term as to why, and it’s not just Barrys – but rehab is key.

Active rehab, rather than passive lie-there-while-you-get-jiggled-around is always the winner.

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