Right knee problem

August 11, 2019

Dear Six Physio team,

I have a colleague who suggest me your company, as he’s been recently visited by Neil Gallagher

I would like to know how to proceed to address a problem I have on my right knee.

2 Years ago I hit it badly falling down in a gap (you know, similar to the “mind the gap” in the tube). At that moment I could still move it, but pain arrive later, and I got stuck without moving my leg for weeks. I visited an orthopaedic at the time which said there was nothing to worry about, there was no fracture, but the ligament was irritated. Eventually the pain passed and I got back to my normal movement.

Now. 2 years later, by playing sport, all the pain and the stiffness suddenly came back. This rang a bell, and I would like to investigate if there is still some damage in my knee, and how to address it, as I’m worried now that the damage is permanent, and it will recur regularly.

Long story short:

could you help me investigate what’s wrong with my knee, and how to address it, to cure it once and for all?



August 11, 2019

Hi Giulio

Short answer – yes, absolutely.

I doubt that there is now anything structurally wrong with your knee, despite it still being painful. Your body is great at healing and getting itself better.

But I think it’s what you are doing to your knee which is the issue rather than what you’ve done. When you injured your knee, to make to feel better you move in a very slightly different way to take the load off of it.The knee gets better, but your new slightly altered movement pattern is “the norm” and over a period of time, this starts to present with issues.

Stand on your painful leg and have a look at your balance compared to the other side.Do the same thing with a single knee dip and see what feels more wobbly – this, I think, is key.

Come and see Neil in Leadenhall – he’s great.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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