Running knee pain

March 25, 2019

I am currently training for the Virgin London Marathon at the end of week 11 of the training plan. On Friday I did my LSR of 27km and during the run towards 15 miles I stated to feel a mild ache on the inside of my right knee – not bad enough to stop running and seemed to subside with stretching. I finished the run including a sprint/progressive finish where there was no discomfort and had a two mile walk home. During the walk the mild discomfort returned so I iced the knee when I got home. The following day the knee was painful when walking and going up and down stairs.

It is not swollen and has not been swollen at any time and I cannot point to a specific injury/point that the pain really started ie there was no sudden twisting, direction change or impact. The pain remains down the medial side of the right knee but there isn’t a specific sore point if I press on the joint. I have full mobility in the knee and can sit back on my heels, perform leg raises and squats. The only thing that aggravates the pain is walking on it.

In my LSR prior to this 23km there was a very mild pain in the same place (similar to a bruised feeling) it lasted one day and then it was no longer painful.

I have a history of a lateral meniscus injury in this knee but this is a different pain.


March 25, 2019

Hi Michelle

Right time, right place – you’ve done a good amount of training and you’ve got knee pain that relates to the way your knee cap moves over your thigh bone – there’s an awful lot of it around for VLM runners in training….

Think of it like a blister appearing on the backside of your kneecap – it’s gradual and due to the amount of running your doing. If you keep doing the same the pain will increase, after settling with rest.

Have a look here for rehab


And here to tape your knee which is really handy to allow you to keep your training up without so much pain


Maybe substitute some rowing or biking instead of a long run.

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