Torn patella tendon?

March 5, 2019

Hello 🙂 I am wondering if you can help me.

Just before Christmas my left knee, behind started to twinge and feeling painful when I would only bend it. And started to ache all over. I weren’t doing any type of activities at the time to cause this, but started yoga again in January – I do yoga everyday regardless but had a break over Christmas. However, it’s still doing the same thing except last week I felt during a massage my calf was really tender so I believe I’ve somehow torn my calf muscle therefore my knee hurts when I bend it as it’s shortening the calf muscle, however after massaging and trying to stretch the lower leg, it’s still causing me a lot of pain today when I bend the knee.

I have physio soon, and doctor said they believe it’s a torn Patella tendon ?! but didn’t really go into detail and I don’t believe them as it does not make sense to me. And because it’s from no injury I don’t understand what I’ve done or how to make it better, I’ve done the elevation, Ice, compress etc. Rested it. And now massaging the calf, which relived the knee pain over the weekend to a degree, but now I’m back at my desk (I do have my left leg up on a stool to keep it elevated), yet I’m in pain again.

Any thoughts ? I’m losing my mind.

Thank you, Codie

March 5, 2019

Hi Codie

Well, I know it’s not your patella tendon!

Very few things actually give pain at the back of your knee apart from maybe your hamstring and calf insertions, a fat pad called a bursa and your sciatic nerve.

Whilst never having an injury per se doesn’t mean there is not a problem, but I’d follow some simple rules.

Try taking some over the counter anti inflams and painkillers if you can – to see if they make a difference or not.

Don’t poke it or stretch it (hams or calf) or end range compress it for the next 2 weeks.

Try doing some simple single leg balance work, some small controlled squats, some straight leg raises and some bridging – all for the next few weeks.

Whilst at work just keep your knee down – and if you need to elevate then make sure you’ve got some support at the back of your knee.

Doing the simple things well and often, help.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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