Hannah has neck pain from a fall down stairs

January 23, 2017

I fell down a flight of around 3-5 stairs on boxing night 2016 and ever since I’ve had neck pain. It comes and goes and although I can move my neck and head, it is extremely painful. The pain is on the right side of my neck and it has a horrible “warm” sensation.

I can tell it’s muscular pain but it’s so very painful and medication isn’t helping nor is ice. Should I be more concerned?


January 23, 2017

Hi Hannah

Yes, and no.

Most spine related issues get better on there own within a 6 week period, so you are well within that.

But saying that, with a little of advice and few heads ups and I’m we sure we can get you above the curve.

It sounds like you’ve given yourself whiplash, where you neck is whizzed back or forwards when you fall, and it’s the lack of control of this movement which is the issue.

Thankful the body is really good at getting itself better, as long as it’s given the chance. The warm sensation is the muscles around your neck working really hard to keep the joints still – not the necessarily limiting range of neck motion, but how the joint glide & slide. The muscles work far too hard (and that’s the heat) and start to compress the joints, which gives more pain on top of the whiplash type symptoms.

The issue about taking medication or ice is that neither of them change why the body can’t heal itself – as in let the bits that have been overstretched in the fall, settle and return to normality.

Here’s why – the body compensates (or cheats!) beautifully. As one bit of your body becomes over stretched and painful, another bit will become stiff and painless. This is the bit you need to deal with to allow you to get better.

So, I don’t think you need to be concerned but you need to do a few little extras to allow you start feeling better, sooner.

How you sit, stand and walk are all key. Get your thoracic spine moving. Make sure you’re sitting better at work. Don’t b tempted to stretch your stiff neck, instead get your stiff mid back moving. Try some mid back twists or shoulder rolls and definitely have a look at this video.

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