Possible Shoulder impingement

December 14, 2017

I think I have got shoulder impingement as my right arm feels weakened it hurts to stretch it above my head, when I put my hand behind my back and when sleep on my right side .

Do lots of yoga but recently returned to weight training . Feel very restricted and keen to get back into yoga ASAP. Can you advise what the treatment would be please ?

Many thanks

December 14, 2017

Hi Alison

Yup – sounds like an impingement, and the best course of treatment going forwards are specific rehab exercises to improve the patency of the muscles that surround your shoulder, shoulder blade and thoracic spine.

Hands on manual therapy to your thoracic spine and taping your shoulder may also give temporary relief, and allow your rehab to start at a much higher functional level.

Have a start with these shoulder videos

Guru Responded

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