Shoulder specialist needed

November 8, 2019

Hi there,

I am a professional skateboarder who has done significant damage to one shoulder in a high speed fall where the left arm was positioned unnaturally behind me and meant the joint was moved in a direction it shouldn’t have, with weight and momentum. I have seen an alternative physio company but wasn’t convinced with the diagnosis of simply impingement, as i felt they played down the effect of the fall itself which may have caused some damage in the shoulder joint.

It is not agonising, but it has been six weeks and still is very sore through the shoulder when i move the arm in certain directions, for instance, behind my back. I am wondering, do you have a particular expert in shoulder injury / sports injury in one of your branches who you would recommend? Secondly, are you prepared to recommend MRI scans to ascertain the exact injury? I live in South East, the Moorgate clinic is easily travelled to but likewise with most of the central branches its much the same.

Would really like to begin working with someone i have confidence in to cure not just treat the shoulder!

Thanks for reading,

Dominic Henry

November 8, 2019

Morning Dom – there are some great shots of you out there!

First-up you absolutely need either an MRI and or an Ultrasound to asses your tendons around the shoulder (possibly better with US) and also the joint and labrum (the cartilage) which is better with MRI.

Whilst injuries are just injuries for most “normal“ people, yours could potentially be very different due to the forces exerted on the joint when you baled and what you need to get back to – skating professionally.

Have you got anyone who can get the scan(s) organised? Then let’s get you into Moorgate or Monument (I’ve got a great rehabber there) with the results to hopefully get your rehab started.

Makes sense??

The Guru

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