Injury advice from triathletes for triathletes

220 Triathlon asked for our advice to share with their readers

With a host of triathletes in our midst they were all offering to share their expertise on certain injuries, some little-known ones that very few have even heard of… unless you’re suffering from one of them obviously!

Knee Bursitis – this is more well-known due to it being an overuse injury. James Davis explains all, including the necessity for a strength and conditioning programme.

Tarsal Tunnel – Lindel Coulter describes how this overuse injury can be assisted by looking at not only your feet but your gait: the control around your knees and your hips. This is far lesser known than Carpel Tunnel, which is common in cyclists. Alex Gregory is one of our Hand specialists and often treats patients with pain, numbness and tingling in their hand and arm.

Shoulder Bursitis can be encompassed within the term ‘impingement’: Juliet Slade has written several articles for 220 Triathlon and in this one she explains how the bursa can be compressed, causing irritation and inflammation – keen swimmers may need some work on their posture to prevent this happening to them.

Tom Whyatt talks Spinal Stenosis: this occurs mainly in the lumbar and cervical spine, can be due to age or a previous disc injury. Many people live with it, without ever knowing, but if you are suffering then please read the full article.

Alex Parford is a Running Guru at Borough Clinic near London Bridge, he’s advising on how to manage high foot arches in both running & cycling.

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