Jump on your bike to get round this week’s tube strike

Getting on your bike to commute, get around or for exercise has some obvious and fantastic benefits….

Benefits for us the cyclist:

  • health, psychological well being (think cycling in the open air versus squeezing into someone’s armpit on the tube), cost and in times of transport meltdowns, a guarantee that you will get somewhere on time.

Friends and patients often say “I must get on my bike”.  As a physio and cycling enthusiast i would whole heartedly recommend it but with a large caveat of respect for taking on the hectic roads.  Safety, safety, safety.

There are some unwritten rules that will certainly help you stay on your bike in one piece:

  • avoiding cycling up the inside of lorries into their blind spots, assuming people will turn left when you are on their inside even though they may not indicate
  • wear bright gear so you can be seen
  • be a good cyclist and stop at red lights.

Once you have joined the ever increasing gang of cyclists on the roads or pushed your cycling to the next level and signed up to the RideLondon-Surrey 100 or a sportive, then remember to look after your body on the bike:

  • this starts with a good bike fit so you can maximise comfort and minimise risk of injury
  • some quick daily stretches to keep you on your bike.

Then you can start your day at work feeling enlivened, join the smiling gang of cyclists in the cafe after a good ride in Richmond Park on weekends and watch the pounds drop both from your monthly expenditure and waistline if needed!  All this whilst helping the country get healthier and lessening the longer term load on the medical services and the NHS…..

Blog by Tobina Wilson, Clinic Director Chelsea Six Physio

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