Kensington & Chelsea Today: how Physiotherapy can save millions

Matt Todman explains how physiotherapy can save us millions: 500,000 poeple in the UK claim incapacity benefit for musculoskeletal disorders

Over 500,000 people in the UK currently claim incapacity benefit for musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, which physiotherapy can help to treat. The resulting 119 million lost working days, 12 million GP consultations and 800,000 inpatient days cost the nation around £0.5 billion each year due to back pain alone.

Physiotherapy services play a central role in rehabilitation for people with musculoskeletal pain. Evidence shows early access to physiotherapy treatment can make a huge difference in helping people resume everyday activities. Although physiotherapy is effective in helping recover movement and function, it can also be very effective in preventing injury. As well as providing pain relief, physiotherapy can improve muscle flexibility and strength, create more endurance in sport and a give a greater sense of wellbeing overall.

Six Physio, a local physiotherapy provider, use a unique, collaborative approach to physiotherapy. Manual therapy techniques involve using the hands to relieve muscle pain and stiffness and encourage blood flow to an injured part of the body. Manual therapists work in partnership with a rehabilitation specialist to reach a joint movement diagnosis and provide coaching and advice on how to move forward.“Each patient is an individual who needs a treatment plan designed to meet their specific needs,” said Matt Todman, Six Physio’s Clinical Director and Co-Founder. “Training and technology are important to our approach, but the single most effective tool is open and clear communication with patients. We prioritise empowering patients with the knowledge required to maintain long term health and prevent illness and injury.”

Six Physio has treated over 90,000 patients since 2002 and are located in 10 centres across London, including Fulham, Parson’s Green, Kensington, Chelsea and their newest clinic at the Queen’s Club. For more information,

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