Support your Pelvic Floor when training

Excessive cardio and poor breathing can take their toll on your Pelvic floor!
Clare Bourne sits down with Tor Cardona from Sheerluxe to explain.

She talks about symptoms, which can be more than incontinence. The pelvic floor is a stabiliser, so high impact activity such as running and HIIT can result in problems – you don’t have to have had a baby!

The big question on everyone’s lips – how much leakage is normal?

In the full article, Clare explains that no leakage is normal, so if you have any please see a physio for a consultation – it’s like any other niggle just not painful!

An overly-tight pelvic floor can cause as many issues as a weak one, often caused by poor breathing techniques.

The moral of this story – our Women’s Health Physios look after the bits that we can’t see. Don’t suffer in silence.

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