Telegraph today: ‘Solutions to sex with a bad back’

Six Physio

In summary the Telegraph finds…

a recommendation for men who are flexion-intolerant – meaning those whose back pain was made worse by touching their toes or sitting for long periods of time – should replace spooning with doggy-style sex. They should also try a ‘hip-hinging motion rather than thrusting with their spines’, The researchers from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada concluded.

However we reckon their flexion-intolerance grouping isn’t as simple as that, it’s more to do with endurance:

  • lots of people are made worse by touching their toes but can sit for hours
  • those that can’t sit for hours can touch their toes
  • it’s all endurance based

If you’re up for a quickie – that’ll be favoured by those who can’t sit for hours where as if you’re going for the whole tantric stuff and can go for hours it’ll be great for those who can’t touch their toes….

Full Telegraph article here.

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