What is Tendonitis?

Juliet Slade speaks to 220 Triathlon about tendonitis – the causes, symptoms, treatment and most importantly prevention.
22nd August 2019

Pain in any tendon is referred to as tendonitis: it can be in the knee, shoulders, elbow or wrist but most commonly in athletes its the Achilles! Symptoms can include heat and swelling, but also sleep interruptions due to pain from the inflammation.

In the full article, Juliet explains how this overuse injury isn’t always related to sporting activities but can simply be a result of working longer hours and therefore using more repetitive motions with the hand/wrist.

When treatment is needed, a physiotherapist will look at load through the affected tendon and probably prescribe isometric exercises to ensure the tendon itself stays strong without causing irritation.

When it comes to prevention, you can read Juliet’s advice in the 220 Triathlon forum.

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