Back Issues from Lifting

May 24, 2021


I have had lower back issues for a year now. My job was lifting a lot of boxes, and I enjoy HIIT and strength workouts 4x a week. I also enjoy running but had intense pain on the inside of my knee (I couldn’t really walk for a few months due to the pain, but found squats, jumping etc, pain free).

My old physio (I have moved so can’t use him anymore) diagnosed me with a back problem not a knee problem. And the pain went away. However, one month down, the back pain is back and I am beginning to feel niggles in both my knees.

Do you recommend seeing a physio, osteopath or even chiropractor? I am looking for long term treatment as I love my exercise. I am also only 23 and way too young for back issues!

Thanks for the help!


May 24, 2021

Hi Grace – definitely see a Physio BUT make sure they’ve got some decent experience under their belt.

You may well have a back and knee problem, but it’s pretty common to have an issue with something but multiple symptoms in different body locations. The skill is establishing what’s causing what and more importantly, why.

Back and knee pain are a really common set of symptoms because your need gluteal control to give lumbar spine stability but you also need gluteal control to “control” then amount of knee roll in and roll out, which is why your knee hurts.

Stability/control isn’t to be confused with strength – the former is very form orientated whereas strength training is often associated with just-get-on-and-do-it.

Let me know where you are in the UK and I’ll do my best to get you in front of a decent Physio.

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