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December 9, 2020

I was using a roller to paint some breeze block walls for a several hours last month – I really had to put my weight behind the roller to get any coverage.

A week later I developed neck, shoulder and upper back stiffness, which seems to move around. Fine when sleeping.

Any ideas?

December 9, 2020

Hi Suzanne – the more you push on the roller, the longer you do it, then more you’ll compensate and push your chin out because you are stiffening up your thoracic spine. The stiffer you are here, the more mobile you’ll become through your neck – it’s like a seesaw…as one end goes up the other will come down.

Your need to get the excessive load out of your thoracic spine to allow your neck recover, as the pain you’re feeling is referred from there. Sleeping is fine because your keeping your neck anf thoracic spine in decent alignment  – the seesaw is even, and the load is distributed fairly.

These are some great rehab options:



And finally make sure you hang out here



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