body keeps going in to spasm!

January 12, 2014

Sarah asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:


I have both quadratus lumborum which keep knotting up, especially the right one, I have tight thigh abductors and all the insertion points on my pelvis are very inflammed, my hoip flexor insertion points are inflammed too (Iam not sure which hip flexors are the culprits). My whole back keeps knotting up. I was having pelvic problems since pregnancy, but have had prolotherapy and recently my pelvis has been pretty straight. The whole of my back feels knotted.

I was wondering if you could help me by suggesting what on earth might be wrong?!

Many thanks,


January 12, 2014

Hi Sarah

There are two very simple options. Either I can give you a really complex explanation for all these different symptoms and then describe a really complex and high brow treatment plan to reinforce my guru status…..or I can give you a really simple and understandable one? I’m all for the latter, and be wary of anyone who gives you the former. As impressive as it seems, its never going to work!

You’ve got lots of symptoms – which are a major worry to you, but I think you’ve most likely got only 1 cause, which gives lots of symptoms. Never chase symptoms, only cause change.

You’ll have the worlds stiffest and tightest thoracic spine, which is most likely not painful or stiff to you – because it doesn’t move. But the lack of mobility here causes other bits to over compensate and move too much, but without enough control and so causing pain. The prolotherapy tries to limit movement painful movement, but unless you change why the movement was excessive and uncontrollable (pregnant or not!) the cause hasn’t been identified or treated.

Your QL, adductors, hip flexors are all trying to limit and control the excessive movement. The more you stretch these (and you will feel symptom relief, albeit temporary) the more movement you’ll have in the wrong bits, the tighter they’ll have to be tomorrow. These muscles are acting like guy ropes around a sagging tent…and there’s a storm a brew in’

Please get someone decent to have a look at you who can make head or tail of what’s up and why…

The Guru @sixphysio

Guru Responded

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