Neck pain affecting head too

March 23, 2018

Hello I’m a 71 year male unsteady on my feet of late and suffer from lumbar spinal stenosis and arthritis of the upper spine and shoulders.

Of late I’ve a stiff neck to the right  of head and the back of my skull hurts as does my left eye. I’m very tired but my back hurts as does this neck and it’s making me unsteady. I take gabapentin but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve asked my go for stronger pain killers he said no, you need to exercise I can’t I can barely walk now 3 yards . It’s my golden wedding September and I need to stand and walk but the way things are going I,ll be in hospital .

I’ve a hernia in my groin area,I wear a pacemaker because I have AF.

I need help but my gap doesn’t listen.

March 23, 2018

Hi David

Absolutely straight up question – what are you expecting?

If you are looking for a miracle cure for your head and neck, it’s probably not going to happen.

But, if you’d be prepared to put your self out a little and take the advice from your GP with regards to starting to do some very simple but regular exercise, then I think you’ve got the possibility and right to have a pretty fun Golden wedding in September.

I think your GP is also right about not upping your gabapentin – exercise (and the daily growing list of decent research) is key.

I think I would also suggest that you don’t try this on your own – you’ll either end up doing too much or too little or the wrong stuff or stuff that just hurts. Think of if like investing in your future and get in touch with someone who can help with your physical self – Physio, personal trainer etc etc

Don’t you dare think about not starting – you’ve still got lots of life in you!

Guru Responded

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