Ongoing back pain

June 6, 2019

In Jan 2019 I hurt my lower back.

I was putting my child into his cot and as I bent over to put him in I got a severe pain in my back. For around a week after that my movement was very limited, walking was difficult and the pain was severe. It did begin to settle pain wise but then my hip was thrown out to the side. With some physio work I got myself around 90% straight.

I had a MRI which showed minimal disc protrusion in lumbar spine and the disc at l5-si are worn down and it also mentioned the L5 nerve root. Since then I have improved but I still have pain and stiffness daily, I am walking and using cross trainer and also stretching but that can be sore at times.

I have thrown large sums of money at countless physios and chiropractors. Is there anything you would recommend as I would love to get back running and also possibly playing football but I don’t want to waste anymore money.

June 6, 2019

Hi Martin

Bad luck – I think you’ve been throwing good money after bad, and it sounds by your experience that your physio/chiros have been treating your symptoms rather than treating the cause of you back pain – as you certainly don’t want to be stretching. I’m pretty sure that your joints aren’t stiff in your lower back, but the total opposite (that’s why it was painful in Jan) – you were overstretched and the muscles in your back stiffen up to protect these joints….You stretch your back/hams/glutes etc, you feel better because it feels nice, you stretch the joints, it’ll feel the same tomorrow….and repeat.

You’ve got a stiff, painless thoracic spine which predicates an overstretched, painful lumbar spine. You need to get this bit moving to allow you to get better control around your lumbar spine – then things like running become a positive force which will help.

Stop wasting money and go see someone decent – who’s been actually recommended and more importantly it must make sense to you.

In the meantime try doing these for the next 10 days – few times a day.




Martin was most appreciative:

Thanks for coming back so quick, I will try these, at this point id try anyway

I also coach football and the cold evenings play havoc with me.  Really want to get sorted.

The Guru…

It’s definitely the way forwards – and really common.

My comments about running are key too – you should consider the couch to 5k app. It slowly and gradually loads you up with a view to getting back to footie – but doing too much too soon never works.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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