Physio versus Massage

February 20, 2019

Hi, I am currently training for a Marathon having not really been a runner before. I’m now on week 7 of my training schedule (I do four runs a week) and am starting to have some ‘niggles’ – knees and mid back in particular. I am foam rolling after my runs and now icing but due to the intensity of the training I thought it best to seek professional support.

Would it be best to first book a Sports Massage to see if this begins to resolve or best to start physio during the course of my training. I’ve not had any serious injuries apart from having to do physio 13 years ago due to a mild car crash for my back due to whiplash. Thank you for your advise.

February 20, 2019

Hi Bianca

If you’re new to running then having regular SM, especially after longer mileages at the weekend or after a decent new tempo session is great for body and mind to keep you all in check.

However, I’m not sure if SM should be used to deal with recurrent symptoms as it really good for symptom relief rather than establishing what the cause is and dealing with that – that’s the role of a Physio.

I think I’d start with a Physio session – let them see what is the cause of your symptoms, and if it’s just the effects of running they will direct you to a SM but of it’s more mechanical or stability biased needing rehab, then they’ll be best set to deal with it.

It could also be something as simple as having a looking at your running style/shoes/loading and giving you some decent tips and Q’s to help deal with your “normal” niggles.

So Physio first, and then see what gives.

The Guru

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