Sore stiff spot on back

October 24, 2017

I’ve had a very sore stiff spot on my back for just over a week. it’s on the right side of my spine half way down.

It was a sharp stabbing pain at first but now is a tight dull ache. Especially when i inhale.

I can’t lie flat on my back

I’ve had hot water bottles on it and tried some gentle movement which does feel better.

It feels like it seizes at night and it is hard to find a comfortable position.

October 24, 2017

Hi Dan
Stabbing pain in this part of your back is always a classic indication of an issue with you neck, not your back – despite where you feel it!

It’s why taking a breath in and lying flat are the issue.

You’ve got a really tight thoracic spine, and to compensate your poke your chin out – too see where you’re going.

So when you take a deep breath in, with a tight thoracic spine you’ll shrug your shoulders at the top of your breath, poke your chin out and go “ow”. The same with lying down – your head just lols backwards over your stuff thoracic spine, pinches a nerve et voila.

Get your thoracic spine moving – and control how your neck moves.

Start here with this stretch and here are some shoulder exercises too

Don’t expect overnight success!

The Guru

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