Strained back?

September 9, 2022

Hi there. I am seeking advice as my back was sore after I woke five days ago, then a few days later I was lifting a bag of shopping and felt a little twang and was then in agony! Five days later and it’s still bad – not like the first day, but after I try to do cat and cow tilts, or a gentle five minute walk, it feels worse. It felt better yesterday but today bad again.

The pain and stiffness is coming from my mid back on the right. When I feel with my hands, there is also pain around to the right sight of my ribs in my back, in-between the ribs towards the bottom of the rib cage.

At the top of a full inhale, I can also feel the pain here -in the right side of my back / rib area.

What should I do? Rest? Ice? Heat? Physio? Osteopath? Let it heal on its own?

I am a yoga teacher and otherwise very fit!

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer.


September 9, 2022

Hi Jemima

I think what you are describing is actually referred pain from your neck and not the bit of body where you are feeling it!

Walking is good, but cat/cow are probably a step backwards hence not really getting better.

I think what you’ve got in most basic terms is a stiff mid bit of your back but a cheating strategy in your mid neck – due to the lack of motion.

Try controlling your neck movement especially poking your chin out – phones, laptops, slouching etc and try to get your thoracic spine moving – foam roller straight down the spine, thread the needles, arm openers etc and see what gives after 24 hours.

Loads of videos here

The Guru

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September 9, 2022

That’s really interesting and helpful to know it may in fact be my neck (although no pain there!), and that the pain in my mid back and ribs may be referred pain.

I tried a foam roller against the wall and actually, it felt good. I am bit afraid of using it on the floor as it is painful enough to even get down to that level.

Is massage good?!

Many thanks again.


September 9, 2022

Have a look here for thoracic fun


Massage will (probs) make you feel better, never convinced it’ll ever get you really better.

The Guru

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