Why do cricket fast bowlers get pain in their non-bowling hand?

November 30, 2015

I just have one question … I notice most of the cricket fast bowlers .. After bowl with there dominant hand .. There non dominant hand gets pain ..

Non dominant hand – deltoid , pec minor , upper trapezius get stuck and severe tenderness .. If we tape and stretch all these muscle they get relief within 3 days .. But according to me some where I am missing biomechanical link can you please explain ..

I stretch their glutes and hip flexors too but not get relief ..

Can you please explain

November 30, 2015

It’s most likely due to lack of “take off” or leading leg stability.

A right handed bowler will land heavily on their left leg at the start of the arm over phase. If they’ve got poor gluteal stability and control, the opposite hip (right) will drop down. This will naturally mess with their line and length.

A simple “cheat” for this is to shrug up the left shoulder – and using a clever sling of soft tissue and muscles through the back they can lift, or at least present the drop of their right hip.

They (as you’ve found!) don’t really respond to stretching their gluts or hip flexors because the muscle is not tight. It’s protectively stiff – and if you remove their protection system and don’t replace it worth anything, it won’t change their symptoms. But it may make the control issue get worse…

Your bowlers need more thoracic spine mobility to allow them to use their gluts better. You need to train their gluts in a functional and dynamic manner – and then get them stronger.

I’m sure if they slowed their pace and so don’t require massive amounts of control they won’t have the same symptoms to the same intensity.

The fastest the pace, the bigger the symptoms.

Guru Responded

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