Exercises for Ankle

December 5, 2020


I have had a problem with my ankle for the last couple of months regarding quite a severe sprain to my ankle. I have recently been to the physio and he has recommended and given me some exercises to do to begin my recovery to where I was before. It is only the second day since our meeting and the ankle has begun to swell to a similar stage to the size it was after the original injury.

Should I continue doing the exercises or rest it to allow the swelling to go again?

December 5, 2020

Hi William

Do you think the swelling is attributable to the rehab, and was there a specific incident or could this be just coincidental?

What is the rehab focusing on? Getting more range, improving strength or getting better control and balance…could be a combo of all 3 but was there anything that you’ve done that was extreme and felt dodgy??

If yes to the above then give it 48 hours rest then return to your rehab – focus on form and quality.

Let me know how you go…

Guru Responded

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