PF is an over stretch so stop stretching!

December 23, 2016

I started with slight pain in the bottom of my heel. Which after two weeks and a game of two hrs of tennis was so bad, I could not put pressure on my left foot. I went for physio and was told to ice my foot and do stretching of my calf and foot. But when I stretch I have more pain. What should I do ?

I am so depressed because I cannot play or walk much anymore. Please help.

December 23, 2016

Stop stretching (and icing – it’s not a true inflammation)!

PF is, in its most basic form, an over-stretch issue. You’ve lost control of how your foot rolls in and have over stretched your tissue.

Stretching our foot is going to hurt. Getting the control back of how your foot rolls in, whist won’t give immediate results is what you need to do. Getting length in your calfs is a smart idea – but not by stretching (as you just over stretch your foot, if you can’t control it!) but release a la foam roller or massage dude is a good idea.

Off the shelf orthotics or shoes with good support (not just soft, squidgy shoes) will help.

What’s a good long term solution is learn to balance on 1 foot for 90 seconds. It takes a few weeks to build up to this, but it’ll give your more control, to stop the excessive stretching, to start getting better….

Relax your time frames – this is going to take a while. The longer you have it for, the longer you’ll have it for until your start changing why you’ve actually got it in the first place.

For the next few weeks, no tennis, no excessively long walks. Get it sorted – it’s very easily treatable as long as you see the right person, who’s going to give you he right stuff to do.

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