Krista has had ongoing cervicogenic headaches for 10 months

April 1, 2016

I’m running out of options for my headaches. It has been almost 10 months of headaches. I will say though some days I do not have them.

I have been to my regular doctor for my headaches in the back of the head and nothing has worked. These headaches have gotten me down to where I don’t want to leave my house or work. I have had a CT, MRI, and X rays and all come out negative.

I’ve been on so many pain meds that it just drives me nuts. I have also seen a chiropractor and who has given me acupuncture. I have went to him four times and I think it has helped a little bit. I’m going out of mind.

Do you have any suggestions of where I need to go and what to do?

I live in Iowa. The headache radiates from the base of my head and neck. Close to my ear.

Thank you

April 1, 2016

Sorry for the lateness in replying

Yes – there should be lots of different things that you can try. It sounds as if you’ve got classic cervicogenic headache.

If you don’t know why you’ve got them, then any treatment is purely symptom related and not trying to establish why you’ve got them.

Time to head back to basics – most cervicogenic head pain, without an obvious traumatic incident, is posturally related. It really can be that simple. Doesn’t matter who you see or what you have done to you, but if you don’t attempt or are given the ability to improve the control of your basic postural patterns (when sitting, standing, moving etc) they headache will not shift.

Manual therapy or acupuncture doesn’t make you move any better – it’s really passive therapy, but what it should do is give you the ability to move better, with less pain – which is about you being active.

Headache can only occur when the joints at the top of your neck are over stretched because something else (normally the middle bit of your back doesn’t move enough).

2 really simple things you should try to do over then next week or so (repetitively during the day, but not too much that it hurts is) is this stretch to get the middle bit of your back moving better and try to lift your chest (drawing your chin in a smidge) when your sitting, standing and working.

Maybe go see a decent Physio in Iowa, and take this message along….

The Guru

Six Physio

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