Max has a pain in his groin

August 23, 2017

I was taken into Broomfield hospital on Friday 19th September from outside V Festival as I made an unusual movement while vcarry a very heavy bag.

I immediately felt pain in my groin area.  I was released with strong pain killers however am still suffering from a constant uncomforatble pain in my groin.  Every now and then it fels like one leg is longer than the other.  It seems like a hip movement triggers this.

Please can I have your advice.

August 23, 2017

Hi Max

What a shame – it was a great festival.

If this is a simple, acute soft injury then hopefully by now with the painkillers, anti inflams and rest you should be feeling better.

If you’re not then you should perhaps consider getting your GP to have a look.

You may have an issue with your adductor muscle or it could even be related to your back, and you really need to know what so you can  give it the appropriate care.

The Guru

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