Rob has chronic osteitis pubis which is preventing sport

June 8, 2016

Hello Guru,

I have had chronic osteitis pubis for a number of years which has gotten so bad I am unable to play sports or do any cardiovascular.

I have previously had Gillmores groin surgery and adductor tenontomy. MRI scan also shows bilateral labral tears but don’t think these are causing my problems. Have tried physio many times but never works.

Having a manual job its pretty hard to rest or doing rehab as by the end of the day my groins are at there worst.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

June 8, 2016

Hi Rob

Bad luck – you’ve got a real mishmash of symptoms, a myriad of similar diagnosis and yet you’ve still got issues with your groin.

Everyone knows best. Everyone’s got the right answer and poor old you are stuck in the middle.

I think you are correct about having asymptomatic labral tears – surgeons are far to fast on the drawer when trying to blame “normal” pathology for giving the myriad of symptoms. Structure means very little unless you have good understanding about the function of that structure – after all how does anyone know what normal for you is?

Taking OP as a really blunt diagnosis you can only get it from one thing and one thing only (I suppose the caveat is that your not a big steroid user (!), don’t have a major collagen disorder, haven’t had any mighty traumatic pelvic events etc etc – basically you’re a normal bloke).

The one thing is load. Too much or too little but you’ve lost the ability to adequately manage how you take and distribute load through your pelvis.

You need to be taught so you can relearn how to manage load.

There are no “magic” exercises. There is no overnight success. There is no quick fix. There is, however, a pathway out.

You need to see the right person, with the right experience to give you the right information.

It may not tally with what you want to hear, especially with your manual job but you’ve got a choice to make.

Let me know what part of the country your in – I’m sure I could link you up with somebody who could at least start you on the right path.

The Guru

Guru Responded

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