Calf Injury

January 27, 2014

Hi there.

About a month ago I decided to take up running. I thought it was really easy and was enjoying it immensely. So, from not running at all, I ran about 8 days out of 10, and for three weeks now I have not been able to run because of a calf injury I have picked up. It felt nearly better so i went out for a run about 10 days ago, but it was no good. It feels really weak and the pain sometimes travels up to just above the back of my knee. It’s not excruciating, but it’s stopping me from exercising. I think I need some help from a professional. What would you suggest?

Kind regards,

Richard Snapes.

January 27, 2014

Hi Richard

Muscles, if left alone for long enough, will get better – and you’ve done just about that.

When they break down again, we’ve got to start finding out why – and do something about that…..

First up you did far too much far too soon – slowly reintroduce your running and allow for recovery (at least a few days between each run, regardless of how you feel) BUT you need to get stronger, and that’s why it is not getting any better.

Make sure you’ve got adequate length of BOTH the muscles that run in your calf (knee to wall stretch and bog standard straight knee stretch) left to right. Then set about getting both muscles stronger – calf raises and calf raises with your knees bent. A minimum is 20 on each leg….

Secondly do have a good look at your shoes, and the support they give. This I guess has to be related to the distance your running too….

Finally make sure you’ve got the ability to do a good single knee squat and not wobble around too much – it’s the control around your hip that influences how much your foot may roll in and over stretch the inner bit of your calf. Good sense prevails…

So, get good length add in some strength, easy does it, let the sun shine and get back out there….in another week or so…nothing before!

The Guru

Richard Responded:

This is excellent advice! Thank you very much. Now I know what to do, I don’t feel so frustrated.

Guru Responded

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